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Andrew’s releasing an interview series and Sean’s looking at PM tools

In this episode, we talk about newsletters, product management and feedback tools, and security communities. We also touch on Irvine’s crazy sunsets, Detroit’s EDM scene, and the connection between lawyers and legal pads.

Andrew sets goals and Sean's client gets acquired

In this episode, we talk about setting goals, defining success, and life with a co-founder. Plus, Sean's latest pitch and connecting with VCs.

Andrew and Sean finally meet + thoughts from Black Hat and DEF CON

Our first time in person! In this episode, we talk about our relationship over the past two years, how to make your company pop out, and defining product strategy.

Andrew's in a funk and Sean's on TikTok

In this episode, we talk about how being in a funk totally sucks and Sean's explorations in the deep abyss of Security TikTok. We also touch on rock climbing, the security community on Twitter, the unlikely link between the beverage and security industries, and paid ads.

Mitre D3FEND + What makes a product... good?

In episode 2, we talk about the new MITRE D3FEND framework and an internal project at Krit to answer the question, "What defines good design in InfoSec?" We also touch on marketing strategy, learning not to overcommit, expanding your team, camping, and exit plans.

Andrew's mom is his most active subscriber

Our first episode! Growing an agency requires growing your lead generation efforts. And whether it's through content marketing, merchandise, or networking, a little mom support goes a long way.


Listen in to find out what Small Efforts is all about! Full podcast coming soon.