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How to voice and tone

In this episode, Andrew and Sean take the next step to make this a rock climbing podcast, talk about the special guests in their backyards, and discuss the relationshi...

Scoring Sean's Twitter account

In this episode, Andrew and Sean talk about email reputation and security, staying sane as a CEO or founder, more book stuff, and following passions.


Andrew and Sean are in DC! In this episode, Andrew and Sean talk about the process of securing sales, encouraging creativity, traveling, and how much they suck at bowl...

People and processes

Andrew and Sean talk about building a leadership team, working for commission or salary, and hypothetical agencies if Krit and Miscreants didn’t exist.

ADHD and founder salaries

In this episode, Andrew and Sean talk about living with ADHD and compensation as a CEO.

Nerding out about agency processes

In this episode, Andrew shares his insights on how to write a great playbook, and Sean gives an update on Miscreant’s esports sponsorship.

What should your job be as a founder?

In this episode, Andrew struggles with letting go of his responsibilities and Sean acts as his therapist.

Should you adjust salaries for the cost of living?

In this episode, Andrew and Sean talk about the difficulties of hiring people internationally and domestically, and paying fair enough wages that won’t make you broke.

Security Cybernet

In this episode, Andrew pitches securitycybernet.com and a low-cost automated recruiting service with a flat fee, and Sean talks about his new self-care regime.

Closing the lead gap

In this episode, Andrew and Sean think about ways to close the lead gap through ditching white papers, creating ripples by collaborating with other companies, and ship...

Underrated (and overrated) product design tactics

In this episode, Andrew and Sean play a game to see which product design tactics Andrew thinks are overrated or underrated.

Andrew and Sean’s final episode of 2021!

Our last episode of 2021! In this episode, we talk about mental anguish, the importance of good culture and good business, appealing to emotion, standing out in a comm...

Dealing with the highs and lows, plus the future of the pod!

In this episode, we talk about the struggles of running a remote agency, Miscreants’ wild Black Friday merch sales, making a newsletter, new goals for a new year, and ...

Andrew and Sean talk about SaaS security

In this episode, we talk about getting hacked, the different types of recruiters, juggling holidays and stagnation, and content marketing. Andrew also makes a special ...

Dropping out of high school with Andrew Morris, CEO of GreyNoise

Our first interview! In this episode, we talk with Andrew Morris, Founder & CEO of GreyNoise, about high school, working sustainable, and leading people who work for p...

Andrew wonders how fast is too fast, and Sean’s cold and stressed in LA

In this episode, we talk about the problems with running a company remotely and think about how fast is fast enough. We also talk about making soundtracks based on int...

Andrew and Sean's domain graveyard

In this episode, we discuss the domains we've purged and yet to purge. We also talk about our onboarding plans, virtual swag ideas, and a potential Miscreant and Krit ...

Andrew has a new cat and Sean is still looking for a Project Manager

In this episode, we speculate on why there are so many security company names that start with ‘S’ and talk about hiring and referrals. We also talk about Andrew’s new ...

Andrew’s releasing an interview series and Sean’s looking at PM tools

In this episode, we talk about newsletters, product management and feedback tools, and security communities. We also touch on Irvine’s crazy sunsets, Detroit’s EDM sce...

Andrew sets goals and Sean's client gets acquired

In this episode, we talk about setting goals, defining success, and life with a co-founder. Plus, Sean's latest pitch and connecting with VCs.

Andrew and Sean finally meet + thoughts from Black Hat and DEF CON

Our first time in person! In this episode, we talk about our relationship over the past two years, how to make your company pop out, and defining product strategy.

Andrew's in a funk and Sean's on TikTok

In this episode, we talk about how being in a funk totally sucks and Sean's explorations in the deep abyss of Security TikTok. We also touch on rock climbing, the secu...

Mitre D3FEND + What makes a product... good?

In episode 2, we talk about the new MITRE D3FEND framework and an internal project at Krit to answer the question, "What defines good design in InfoSec?" We also touch...

Andrew's mom is his most active subscriber

Our first episode! Growing an agency requires growing your lead generation efforts. And whether it's through content marketing, merchandise, or networking, a little mo...


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