Andrew's mom is his most active subscriber

Our first episode! Growing an agency requires growing your lead generation efforts. And whether it's through content marketing, merchandise, or networking, a little mom support goes a long way.
(0:22) Case Studies: Timing Case Studies can be mad hard.
(1:57) What Andrew is doing for lead gen. 
(2:57) Hiring Notice: Andrew's looking to hire some accountability to keep his writing on track. 
(5:23) Connecting with people in security should be organic.
(8:59) Someone owes me a Chick-Fil-A: Motivating your co-host by bribing them with Chick-Fil-A.
(9:46) Misophonia and why Sean can’t listen to ASMR Mukbangs
(11:01) Sean's UX in Cybersecurity Presentation: It's the little things that make a huge impact.
(17:00) Krit has an awesome newsletter. Miscreants is working on a newsletter, too.
(19:31) Sean and Andrew's Biggest Fans are their Moms: "Having a little mom support is never a bad thing."
(21:41) Networking Meaningfully: Building a meaningful relationship with the person you're trying to connect with can get you really far.
(27:53) Life as a Founder: Confidence is a freaking roller coaster, but at least you get to get involved in cool things.
(34:18) Sean’s all in on merchandise
(43:01) Instagram and LinkedIn stalking is just OSINT.
(45:07) Our Small Efforts
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