Andrew sets goals and Sean's client gets acquired

In this episode, we talk about setting goals, defining success, and life with a co-founder. Plus, Sean's latest pitch and connecting with VCs.
(0:27) Laptops and remote work go hand in hand
(3:27) But Sean and Andrew are not about that digital nomad life
(6:10) Setting the right goals is a constant struggle
(8:24) Andrew's therapist is a surprisingly awesome business coach
(11:35) Time Measurement: Think about your to-dos, but don't go super, super in detail
(14:03) Andrew shares some of his goals
(19:24) Life with a Co-Founder: No shared values? Good luck
(24:49) Success is success
(28:56) Sean’s latest pitch: A one-stop-shop service for all things swag
(34:22) Sean drops some knowledge on getting connected with VCs
(42:52) Our Small Efforts

Thanks for listening to Small Efforts, a podcast collaboration between Krit and Miscreants. Shoutout to the Hatch Team and Mary Vuong for producing and editing.
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