Dropping out of high school with Andrew Morris, CEO of GreyNoise

Our first interview! In this episode, we talk with Andrew Morris, Founder & CEO of GreyNoise, about high school, working sustainable, and leading people who work for people who work for you.
(0:27) Andrew, Sean, and another Andrew
(7:24) Getting ahold of the people you want and don't want to get to
(11:30) Crossing the chasm: Getting rid of collection bias and positioning yourself better
(16:15) Leading people who work for the people who work for you 
(20:15) The Difference Between Therapists and Executive Coaches: One tells you to shut up and suck it up
(23:09) Values vs principles
(32:02) Andrew Morris's goal used to be to sell for $30M. Given that GreyNoise is valued at more than $30M today what are his goals now?
(40:34) Andrew and Andrew have a nuclear, mutually-assured destructive friendship 
(46:48) Andrew and Andrew and their startups that never started up
(53:52) GreyNoise used to be the world's most inefficient musical instrument
(57:47) Being in school is hard, but dropping out is even harder
(1:06:21) Standing out in the Old-Boys-in-a-Suit Club: How to get noticed
(1:17:49) Working Sustainably: How not to burn out
(1:24:52) Sean asks a very important question, and Andrew embarrasses Andrew
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