Andrew and Sean’s final episode of 2021!

Our last episode of 2021! In this episode, we talk about mental anguish, the importance of good culture and good business, appealing to emotion, standing out in a commoditized industry, and our goals for 2022.
(0:27) Andrew hopes he's resilient to SAD because he has plenty of other mental anguish
(3:29) Culture and Business: Only having awesome culture doesn't put food on the table
(15:58) Miscreants just launched three freaking projects back to back
(19:09) Appealing to Emotions 101: Emphasize with pain
(21:33) If you think figuring out your niche is hard, try finding someone else's
(29:15) Standing out in a Commoditized Industry: Specifically show what you do
(38:07) Krit and Miscreant's 2022 goals: Less chaos, more focus
Thanks for listening to Small Efforts, a podcast collaboration between Krit and Miscreants. Shoutout to the Hatch Team and Mary Vuong for producing and editing.
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