Andrew and Sean's domain graveyard

In this episode, we discuss the domains we've purged and yet to purge. We also talk about our onboarding plans, virtual swag ideas, and a potential Miscreant and Krit hackathon collab.
(0:21) The Yin and Yang of Running an Agency: How much can you control?
(7:42) LinkedIn Marketing is free game
(11:21) Onboarding Plans: Unexpectedly hard to develop
(18:01) Andrew and Sean have a graveyard for domain names of projects they’ve abandoned
(25:30) Some projects are very, very dead
(30:57) And some were shot dead before they took off
(35:04) You can’t expect prototype speed past the prototype stage
(37:41) Development and Marketing: When do you go to the next stage?
(41:12) Swag Ideas for Cons: Animal Crossing clothes and other virtual swag
(45:17) The Miscreant and Krit Hackathon: Coming soon to a DefCon near you
(52:12) Our Small Efforts

Thanks for listening to Small Efforts, a podcast collaboration between Krit and Miscreants. Shoutout to the Hatch Team and Mary Vuong for producing and editing.


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