Andrew and Sean finally meet + thoughts from Black Hat and DEF CON

Our first time in person! In this episode, we talk about our relationship over the past two years, how to make your company pop out, and defining product strategy.
(0:27) Sean doesn't know how to pronounce "Michelob"
(1:12) Andrew and Sean’s Relationship: It’s been a long two years, man
(4:37) Andrew and Sean are pretty much risking their lives to be at DEF CON
(14:30) It can be mad hard to sell B2B tech products
(17:57) Connections in Security: It can help with even the most unrelated things
(20:43) Choosing Your Company’s Differentiator: Better data and better AI is not the answer
(24:15) Choosing Your Company’s Differentiator: Less bad guy, more on making jobs easier
(25:59) Reiterating pain points is becoming a pain point
(28:48) Tool fatigue: Bundling is not the answer
(33:13) Krit and Miscreants are lowkey rivals (but friendly ones)
(38:59) In a room full of potential, it’s super important to know your strengths and weaknesses
(42:15) It’s important to know where you draw the line with product strategy
(49:19) Our Small Efforts

Thanks for listening to Small Efforts, a podcast collaboration between Krit and Miscreants. Shoutout to the Hatch Team and Mary Vuong for producing and editing.
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